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Something About Mary The Early Years
Let us start at the beginning always a good place to start I would say. I was born on January 17, of 19. Ok the rest of the date I shall take to my grave. Not that I am that old mind you but I don't believe after a certain age you should count them any more.
I will be the older lady in line at Wal-Mart buying the hair dye to color my hair. I will fight the ageing process Yes this may be shallow but lets face it who really wants to look there age.
I live in the same small town were I grow up and It may seem boring to some but life here is charming and something like a Norman Rockwell Painting. No matter where I may go this town is me. Will always live in my every heartbeat of my soul.

Teen-Age Years Made Me Stronger
My teen-age years were hard for me in many ways. If you look at me now you see an average size person. But in high school I was big and when I say that I mean close to 300 lbs big. Not that this is a bad thing. But we all know how kids can be.

I was the girl with the good personality. From this I developed a low self worth and went on every diet you could. But after years of dieting up and down I am proud of myself of the weight loss and maintained. I have been able to have for many years now.
It has been a long time since that day I had to lay on the floor to button my size 26 jeans.

So for all the kids that teased me in school Just look at me now. I feel great and I am in the best shape of my life.

I went to school at an agricultural high school studying Horse management, not something that you would expect some one like me to do but it helped take a break from all the kids in my hometown.
It is funny a few weeks ago I bumped into a person I knew in school and said hello he just looked at me strangely. He did not recognize me when I told him my last name he was floored. That was the nicest compliment that anyone has ever given me. We had a nice chat after that.

Life Now A Days

What is my life about now a day? Well in my free time you can find me on my computer trying to figure out all there is to know about this space age. I also have been learning to play the Celtic harp and enjoy many other things in life. In the summer months you can find me down the beach being a kid again and play the old favorites like Ms Pac-man and pinball. It may seem like life is passing me by but I love watching people and learning about them. On the web you can meet allot of interesting people too. Life can be fun when you take the time to learn about each other and learn from each other. There is a saying that I like and it goes like this every person is my teacher and every person is my student. Just a little life lesson from me to you.

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