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Are You Ready To Get Serious....?
This is going to be a page on tips to losing weight. I am not saying that you will lose 30 lbs in 30 days here. But with a little hard work and effort you to can lose the weight you want to lose.
The first thing I am going to let you know is taking the weight off is the easy part. I know I know you are rolling your eyes now. But it is true. I have had the set back every once in while my self. You need to look at weight loss and changing your body as a life change not just a diet. Trust me on this one. The minute you go off a diet you tend to feel like ok it is a food feast now I can eat what every I want. Then what happens in you gain all the weight back and then some? Uggh. Life is so unfair at times.
Then ask yourself... Am I doing this because I really want to or because someone else wants me to? (Like your Boy/Girlfriend, Parents friends?) This is the worst reason to lose weight. Even if you take it off you will not be committed in keeping it off. It is like someone who smokes or does drugs you need to hit your wall and be comfortable with your self to reach your goals.
Also factor in your age too. You are not supposed to weigh in at that same weight that you were at 18. As we age ladies/gentlemen we do again weight too. I know sad but true fact.
Take into account of you muscle mass on your body. Two pounds of muscle will fit in to the same spot as one pound of fat. So in simple words the more muscle you have the more you weigh and at the same time the thinner you will look. My advice on this one throw out your bathroom scale and use a tape measure go for inches lost not the numbers on the scale. This was a very hard one for me. But once I realized and accepted the fact that the numbers on the scale do not mean as much as what you look like. It was easy to over come. So ladies and Gentlemen throw out your scales and those normal weight charts and great ready to have the best body you can have.
Also be ware that you must take other factors into consideration when trying to lose weight. Things like am I on any medication that can make me gain or difficult losing weight? I had a battle with this one myself. I need to go on some steroids that cause me to gain 30 lbs in a week. Not fun at all. Then more as time had gone on. But once I was off the meds I was able to take it right off with a little hard work. Allot of us do not take things like this into consideration when trying to lose weight, and we should it is a factor in it.
Am I doing this because I really want to or because if I lose x-amount of weight my life will be perfect then I will be truly happy in life, at this point you are just kidding yourself. You need to love you for you and at any weight. Losing weight will not be the fix all in life. Learn to love yourself first and it will all fall into place for you. So you are not a size 6 or 8 does that really matter in life? As long as you comfortable in your own skin who cares what the word thinks. As long as you are happy live your life to the fullest.
Or is it because of ads we see in the Magazine are what people think they should look like. Some of the most beautiful woman in the world is larger then what is considered the norm. Take someone like Delta Burke or Elisabeth Taylor. Are they any less beautiful because they are not a size 6? I think not. To me the thought of living on an apple and can of diet coke a day does not sound like fun to make. I have found a Fashion Magazine that I just love it is called " Mode "It shows really people sizes being sexy, sultry and beautiful. You are whom you are baby love thy self first and enjoy.

Can Fat In Your Diet Be A Good Thing????
What a question to be asking yourself? For years we have been told to eat low fat and that fat makes us fat. Is this a fact or just a lie that has been feed to us over the years? Well to tell you the truth I really do not know. I just know what I have been doing is working for me. And I do believe in some fat is good for you. It helps the body. Over the years I have watched my friends struggling with there weight. Eating only low fat and restricting there diet down to the bare minimal that is allowed. Only to find the second they eat any thing with fat in it to gain some weight back. Are we just setting are selves up for the big fall. I say yes but this is only my opinion too.
I know this may seem confusing and hard to believe and the straight truth is you need to find what works for you. I do not believe there is only one great cure all in losing weight. You need to find what works best for you. Like with medicine not all kinds work for every one I think we should look at life style changes the small way.
There are several diets out there that play on this newfound style of dieting. The biggest one is the Atkins diet. No carobs are allowed and you feast one thing like eggs, meats and cheeses. This to me does not seem to be the safes way to lose weight at all. I know with my body if all I do is feed it theses things I find my self have very little energy to do anything. The one I did find that made sense to me is Susanne Summers new one called Summersize. It allows you to eat carobs meats and grain but in different combinations that make them work. This one is the easiest for me to follow I do not even have to really think about because it is kind of how I eat all ready ....:o)
Which is a great plus for me. But in someway I did have to change my way of thinking about a few things in life. And how it is explained in the book it makes prefect sense. So in my opinion Yes You do need some fat to your diet.

The Pic below is me at a heavy weight
The Weight Chart Are They Fare ....????
I touched base on this a little in the first heading.
There are so many charts out there telling us how much we should or should not weigh in at. It can get confusing and just seem like you will never reach your goal. I understand I have been there. Actually according to these charts now I am just in the basic high end of my Height/weight size. And it is ok for me to lose more weight. But they have done studies on theses charts too. (They are meaning dateline, 20/20 ) Sending people to different weight loss centers and seeing if they were told they needed to lose weight. Any where from 10,20 or 30 Lbs that is kind of scary to me when the people wore already at a low fat mass to their body.
The people had a high weight by pound but where below the amount of fat to muscle percent. Which made them at a health weight for there body. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and muscle masses. You can have two people at the same height weighing in at more pound but look thinner and fitting a smaller size. Why is that?
You need to factor in your body type, size (there are three different frame sizes) and your muscle mass. You can be a small, Medium or large frame and will look different at the same height. Plus we all have those parts of the body where the weight seems to go.
And this one is for the girls. If you tend to run well large in the cup size you do look larger in things. Remember that the breast tissue is fat. And this could be were you are storing so extra weight too. And it is just another thing we as woman have to deal with.

Below is me at a Renn with in July,01 Not to bad and what a change in size ......:o)

What Is The First Step .......
Updated Aug. 31,2001 more updates coming soon