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Making friends on the net...
Looking to make friends on the net. There are unless possibilities out there. From online pen pals sites yes this does include dating pages for all the lonely hearts out there. To gaming sites and even some places that are set up as little communities specializing in different category like for woman issues. You will be surprise at whom you might meet. You may even run a cross a few old friends that you have lost touch with. Trust me it happens.
I have met a few of my online friends with posting on a site called . This is how I had come to making this site here. You post a picture of yourself online and other people vote on how you look. Ok it is one of those that feeds the ego but don't we all need that little boost once in awhile ....:o) If you are interested in doing this all you need is a web base picture in jpeg or gif form and just upload it to the site. They will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do it. There are also others out there too. Just take a look around and see what you find and have fun with it all.
The other way is to start looking into the messenger systems that are out. There are just so many to choice from I have found that I like msn, yahoo and (Ugh) aol instant. I have tried ICQ and pal talk, which can be fun but found that I tend to stick with the basic once.
Some have started using net meeting with their online messenger. If you have used pal talk you know how much fun this can be. Pal talk and Seesaw was some of the first ones I found that allowed you to use a web cam while talking to people. It is so cool like something out of the Jetsons Well now with net meeting installed you can also use your yahoo and Msn list to do this. As an update with yahoo in the past few weeks they have updated there site again so you do not need net meeting. How cool is that ....:o)
Now that I have talk to you about the basics here let see what other fun things we can find.

To web cam or not that is the question...
With web cams like anything else I believe you get what you pay for. They are not all the same. Some can do video and be taking off the base to take regular digital pics. But when shopping for them knowing what you want to do with it is your best bet. Ok I most likely am giving you allot more info then you want on this part but be for warn the choice to web cam is not an easy one. It takes a while to understand what is what. If you have questions ask it is the only way you are going to be happy with your choice on it. Trust me it is worth it in the long run. Ask your self am I just going to be using it for chat. Do I want something that allows me to send video emails? Or make home movies right from the pc? Do I want one with a mic in it? So that I can cam and voice chat at the same time. It is possibly to do this with a regular mic too. Do think you have to get the one with a built in mic to it to do this. If you are a newbie like me you will be amazed at all the things that are out there. And what may not be that much of a different could soon be one when you really get going ...:o)
The nice thing about web chat is unlike the text chats you can tell tones in voices when using the voice feature. And it is nice to see that little blush or smile when you are joking around with someone too. I know I have found myself not realizing something was a joke in text chat and thinking well that was kind of rude. So I have learned that if you are not sure if it is playful or a slam don't get mad just ask. Then should it be a slam just get even ...*Devilish Grin*
One thing I must tell you about using a web cam you must have a good light source with it. If you do not you could come out dark or reddish in color. The above photo is taking with Quick Cam By logteck, which I have had good luck with. That is when I remember to reconnect it to the computer. I find to many of my toys are going in to the sub ports now a days and an up grade of another hub is in the future.
We have all heard the joke of boys and there toys. Well baby I am here to tell you in this computer age we are girls are not far behind ....;o)

Where is the chat slang?????????
Just go to the page marked as " What Are They Saying "

Msn messenger

Keep checking back on this page I am still working on last update was July 28.2001

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